About Cullie

Your Photos + Our Editors

Cullie is really all about people. We need people to help us capture our memories. We don’t need more software or algorithms to deal with our photos. We need people who are professionals, who have a great eye, and who have amazing experience to help manage our photos and bring out the best.

Our Co-founders have always looked for ways to help people be more present, have fewer distractions, and focus on what matters. Our Team wants to create solutions that make people’s lives richer and help people feel more connected to their loved ones.

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Image of the founders of Cullie

About the Co-Founders

Leslie Pierson & Cameron Glass

Leslie Pierson recruited Cameron Glass in 2012 to work on a wearable tech venture called MEMI (a start-up focused on smart jewelry). Their careers went in different directions after the highs and lows of running MEMI for several years, but they always stayed in touch and shared ideas.

Along the way, an amazing photographer, Kate Byars, provided professional photo shoots every year or so for Leslie’s family and Cameron’s as well. Kate became a friend of both women and an advisor to both as a fellow entrepreneur.

One day, Leslie was reviewing photos with Kate, and a light bulb went off for Leslie - “I wish Kate could edit all of my photos and not just the ones she takes.” The idea for Cullie was born. Leslie consulted with Kate to test the idea and get it off the ground. It quickly became clear that Cameron would be the ideal partner in this venture, given Cameron's operational expertise as the COO of Lalabu and MEMI.

Leslie & Cameron are excited to work together again and to bring people joy in their everyday lives!