How it Works

Step 1: Send us your photos

Submit your order online and make a minimum payment for up to 1,000 photos. You can then send over photos through our WeTransfer site or we will send you a USB. You can upload your photos from multiple sources & people. We will send an invoice if more than 1,000 photos are received.

As many photos as you want

Our Editors will review any number of past photos, find the awesome ones, and edit them to perfection. (Our customers send us 1,000 – 5,000 photos on average. We have had smaller batches and some as large as 20,000!)

Step 2: We'll review & edit

Cullie Editors cull & edit your photos to find the best ones and capture the memories. (Editors typically select 10-20% of what is received.)

Professional editors

Our talented Editors will look at each photo individually and select the very best, fully edit them for shadows, light and style. Then, they will create a streamlined Folio for you.


Batches less than 1,000 photos typically take about 2 weeks to review & edit, while larger batches can take up to 12 weeks.

Step 3: Get your folio

You will receive a link to a digital Folio of the curated & edited images. You are able to download & share them all.

Step 4: Option to buy an Album

If you order an photo album you will receive an invoice based on the size of the album you selected & number of pages the editor lays out. You will work with your editor make adjustments to the digital draft and once approved the photo album will be printed and shipped to you!

Folio Pricing

You can send us as many photos as you like! We charge only $85 to edit up to 1,000 photos. And charge in batches of 2,500 photos from there. We can cull & edit a trip, a party, a year or a decade!

* $300 per additional 5,000 photos
up to 1,000 $85.00
up to 2,500 $160.00
up to 5,000 $320.00
up to 10,000 $600.00
up to 15,000 $900.00
Order a Digital Folio

Photo Albums

Prices range from $130 to $400 depending on the size and number of pages.

Order a Digital Folio + Album