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Cullie FAQ

What is Cullie?

You have thousands of photos on your phone and on your computer that you just don’t have time to deal with. We have the answer to your photo burden! Let’s help you find the fun stuff in your digital junk drawer.

Upload a batch and our Editors will review all of them, choose the best ones, and edit them professionally. You will receive them in a monthly Folio where you can always see them and share them.

How does it work?

  1. Open your account in the mobile app - Open the mobile app and allow the app to access your photos. Upon your first time opening the app, it will sync your photos from the last 30 days.
  2. Automatic sync monthly - Once you allow access to your camera roll, your photos will appear in the Cullie app. Every month your camera roll photos will sync to Cullie. You are welcome to choose not to sync some photos or to mark some favorite ones that you. want to be sure our Editors keep. No need to do anything, though! Our Editors will weed out the screenshots, the grocery lists, the 100 selfie’s your 5-year-old accidentally took…
  3. Edit Process - Our talented Editors will look at each photo individually and select the very best, fully edit them for shadows, light and style. Then, they will create a streamlined monthly Folio for you.
  4. Your Finished Folio - When revisions are complete, you will receive beautifully edited images that you can look at forever, share, and/or download. They are yours to keep!
  5. Start Your Library - If you choose, we can work with you to create photo books from your finished Folios. Our albums come in sizes of 8x8, 10x10 and 12x12 with a range of page numbers, depending how many photos you’d like to include. Choose from our cruelty-free leather & fabric covers with archival quality paper. Albums are shipped directly to your door within a few weeks!

How long does it take to receive my Finished Folio?

Once your photos have been submitted each month, our Editors will send you your finished Folio within a week.

How does Cullie differ from other photography websites and apps?

Unlike most photo websites, you don’t have to do the work! Forget software tools for you and algorithms choosing random photos. Our Editors are REAL people and are really here to do ALL the work, not asking you to spend hours pouring over 10 versions of the same photos.You’ve got People now; take photos off your to-do list.

Does Cullie have a guarantee?

We want happy customers! If you are not satisfied for any reason, please email us at For physical albums, we guarantee our quality and will be happy replace anything that is defective. We will provide you with a shipping label so you can return it to us fee of charge, and we can send out a new one.

Who are the Editors?

Our Editors are professionals in the photography community. Many are photographers themselves! For example, one of our rockstar Editors is Ashley. Ashley is a freelance videographer, producer and photographer. She says that there's nothing better than helping people visually tell their stories.

Do I always have the same Editor?

Usually we will have the same Editor work on your photos. However, we cannot guarantee the same person every time (sometimes they have a photo shoot!). We will ensure the same quality for every Folio.

Other Questions?

Please email us at We love to hear from our customers!