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One-Time Folio Service

We are also happy for our Editors to work with you on past photos. Our camera rolls and computers often are like digital junk drawers filled with photos from many years.

Want us to create a highlight capsule of a year? Or perhaps would you like an Editor to cull and beautify photos from a memorable vacation, milestone birthday, or special occasion?

Our Editors will review any number of past photos, find the awesome ones, and edit them to perfection.

Cullie will send you an external hard drive, and you can upload your photos from multiple sources & people. Pricing is listed below. Your digital, edited photos will be returned on a flash drive. You can then print them, share them, or anything you like. (Cullie would also be happy to make photo books for you!)

One-Time Folio Pricing:

  1. $85 for up to 1,000 photos
  2. $160 for up to 2,500 photos
  3. $320 for up to 5,000 photos
  4. $600 for up to 10,000 photos
  5. $900 for up to 15,000 photos
  6. $300 per additional 5,000 photos

Photo Books

We would love to take your photos to the next level. Our Editors can design stunning photo books from your edited Folios.

Our Editors will lay out a digital draft for you to review and approve. Once we make any changes you have, we then will have your book printed & shipped to you.

We offer photo books in sizes of 8x8, 10x10, and 12x12. We have faux leather and linen cover options in multiple colors.

Prices range from $130 to $300 depending on the size and number of pages.

Please contact us to start your library!

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